NSF International Hygienically Clean

With Service Linen Supply’s new NSF International hygienically clean certified napkins and tablecloths, you never have to wonder how clean your table linens really are.

The NSF mark is a trusted symbol in the Foodservice Industry and certifies that Service Linen Supply’s’ laundering and handling processes have been tested and meet NSF International’s requirements for hygienically clean and safer napkins and tablecloths.

NSF International is a global independent 3rd party organization that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the water, food, health-sciences and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment (nsf.org).

NSF International has launched a certification program for commercial laundering operations to verify their effectiveness in disinfecting and cleaning napkins, tablecloths, towels and other linens and fabrics used in hospitality and foodservice operations.

Restaurants rely on commercial linen cleaning services to ensure the disinfection and removal of soil and bacteria from linens before they are returned for reuse. NSF International’s Commercial Laundering Certification Program provides assurance that an effective cleaning process has been implemented at certified facilities by auditing the laundering facility and testing linen samples to ensure harmful bacteria and other pathogens are effectively removed.[/showhide]

Certification to NSF P413:

Hygienically Clean Napery in Commercial Laundering Operations verifies that Service Linen Supply has protocols, testing procedures and quality control measures in place to ensure the laundering process is capable of consistently removing potential pathogens or other unacceptable bacterial organisms from soiled napery. Service Linen Supply Napkins and tablecloths are NSF certified to be hygienically clean.

NSF certification verifies Service Linen Supply’s effectiveness in cleaning napery.

To earn certification, Service Linen supply successfully completed a rigorous certification process, which included:

  1. Desk audit: Commercial laundering facilities are required to submit an organizational management system for review, which establishes the control points in the laundering process that are documented, monitored and audited.
  2. On-site facility audit: NSF auditors visit the laundering facility to ensure compliance with the certification program as well as the facility’s organizational management system. This includes on-site inspections of everything within the process from wash resources to the wash procedure to the handling of the final product.
  3. Product testing: Microbiological testing is conducted on samples of laundered products to confirm the repeatability and validity of the laundering facility’s effectiveness in removing harmful pathogens and bacteria.

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