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Smart linen management solutions tailored to your business and budget

Service Linen Supply brings you a full menu of smart linen management solutions tailored to your business and budget. We’re restaurant specialists, so we understand your unique needs for high performance, value and reliability.



Smart Designs (formerly Smart Image Program)

Set yourself apart by selecting linens, signature items and cookwear from our extensive designer collection. As linen specialists, we understand that style and function go hand in hand – a point that’s often lost on national firms that focus on volume. We invest in colors and designs that make a statement.


  • Choose from 23 different linen colors so you’re always on trend.
  • Opt for our Euro finish that stands up to elaborate folding.
  • Keep your staff smart and happy with fashion-forward cookwear.
  • Reinforce your brand image with signature logos or embroidery.
  • Expand your catering business with party rental linens that match any theme or occasion.
  • Accent your décor with logo and designer mats.
  • Ask us about creating original products to set you apart.

Managed Solutions


Smart Selections (formerly Smart Products)

We start by giving more of what you need.


  • Our heavy-weight, 7 oz. linen conveys quality and resists wear. That’s because it’s 16% heavier than standard linen.
  • Larger aprons – with longer strings – provide greater protection.
  • Thicker, more absorbent bar towels last longer, so you use fewer.


Then we run every article through our Nine-Point Quality Check* to eliminate common frustrations over soiled, flawed or lost products. Our smart check system is the most rigorous of its kind in the industry, so you can order with confidence.


  1. Superior Products – We invest in high-grade fabrics and workmanship that stand up to heavy use.
  2. Smart Soil Count – Our computerized soil counting system uses sensitive light frames to detect stains that the human eye would miss. This sophisticate system has two advantages: it helps us catch and treat stains, and it provides accurate soil counts on your invoices.
  3. Smart Garments – We set the standard by sewing a radio frequency chip into the hem of each garment so we can accurately track what we pick up, clean and deliver. This means we never lose an item – and your staff gets their own garments back every time.
  4. Computerized Washing – Our computer-controlled wash formulas take the guesswork out of getting linens clean and sanitized. They self-adjust, based on weight and soil count, so linens are consistently cleaner. That makes a positive impression on you and your customers.
  5. Euro-Finish Ironing – Our imported Belgium ironing equipment applies more pressure, heat and steam than standard presses. This gives our linens a smoother, crisper look and keeps them square – like those in the finest European restaurants. We also use a heavier cooked starch formula, so our linens stand up to special folds and customer scrutiny.
  6. Tunnel Press – This press-like finish makes aprons look cleaner and more professional to your customers.
  7. Hand-Inspection – Our aprons are hand-fed and hand-inspected, so you can be confident that they’re ready to wear. We’re just as careful with linens. We pay “eagle eye counters” just to spot and pull rejects.
  8. Shrink Wrap – This extra step ensures that linens stay clean and dry while you’re waiting to use them.
  9. Double Inspection – Our final double check guarantees 99% product perfection – a standard topped only by professional dry cleaners.

Smart Scheduling

We strategically schedule your linen pick-ups and deliveries to accommodate your business and your cycles. We get you exactly what you want, when you want it.


  • Our route managers are so prompt you can set your watch by their deliveries. You never have to worry about getting caught short due to lateness.
  • If you forget to place your order, or get hit with an unexpected spike in business, we’re available 24/7 for emergency deliveries. Just call our rapid response customer service hotline. Nothing could be easier – or smarter.


Smart Service

We understand that you have a lot on your plate. We manage every detail of your linen service so you can concentrate on running your restaurant and taking care of customers.


  • Other companies have drivers. We have problem solvers on wheels. We empower our route managers to handle issues on the spot. That kind of responsiveness only comes from a locally owned company.
  • We’re available any way you choose to connect – via phone, Internet, fax or in-person. Our Nextel phone system provides instant access. Our online ordering enables you to view your account or adjust an order any time that works for you.
  • We think ahead. We rotate stock so it never gets musty. We stagger your deliveries so you have what you need for the weekend rush – but aren’t overstocked the rest of the week.
  • Our proven just-in-time inventory management system saves you money because you pay only for what you need.
  • Information is power. We provide turn-key training, signage and resources to help you tighten your operations and wow your customers.


Budget-Smart Solutions

Smart Invoicing

Our easy-to-read invoices are designed to help you control costs and tightly manage your inventory. They reflect three core practices that have guided our business for more than 50 years: full disclosure, no surprises and regular reviews.

  • Each invoice plainly itemizes rental costs, replacement costs and service charges so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Each invoice presents three-week average usages to help you make smarter ordering decisions. You can even preview your order before it arrives and make last-minute adjustments.
  • Our no-surprise billing feature helps you manage your budget by spreading the cost of damage and replacement evenly throughout the year.
  • Our route managers run regular cost-control audits to ensure that your rental quantities match your business volume. You can adjust quantities any time to accommodate the ups and downs of your business.
  • We periodically review your orders and suggest ways to reduce costs or conserve use.


Smart Reports or Smart Comparisons

We help restaurants with multiple locations find smarter ways to reduce waste and improve margins.

  • Cost reduction reports compare volume, costs and usage across all locations.
  • Loss reports flag theft problems before they escalate.