Commercial Laundry services for Seattle, WA to Portland, OR

Posted by Amy Donahue on Thu, Nov 24, 2016

For 60 years Service Linen has been the market leader in commercial laundry services.  With a focus on clean, green initiatives, the Service Linen team has travelled the world to discover the latest laundering technologies for efficiency and productivity.  In addition to the in house initiatives, Service Linen is a member of Laundry ESP (, the textile rentals services environmental stewardship program.  “Environmental responsibility is important to our company and our community”, says co-owner Bob Raphael.

Commercial laundry consists of 3 main parts:  water temperature, mechanical action, and chemicals.  The first part, hot water, requires sophisticated equipment to heat the water from 150 to 180 degrees.  This is achieved by first storing the wash water in a hot water tank.  Then, as the washer begins the wash process, hot steam is injected into the linen (a process known as “steaming up” the water).   The hot water system and steam are critical to producing clean, crisp table linen that restaurants desire.  The second component of successful commercial laundering is mechanical action.  This is the movement of the commercial laundering equipment.  Mechanical action is a critical component to any successful laundry.  The washers are programmed with precise movements to use the piping hot water and industrial grade chemicals.  These chemicals are the final piece to the success of a commercial laundry.  At Service Linen, we have tried several chemical suppliers until we were able to get a company to meet both our quality standards and environmental requirements.  Every load of laundry requires a discharge of the water and chemicals, so it is critical to make sure no toxic chemical combinations are discharged into the environment.

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