Restaurant Laundry Delivery Services – How Important they?

Posted by Amy Donahue on Thu, Nov 24, 2016

The Importance of On Time Restaurant Laundry Deliveries  – When you run a restaurant where your dining room requires clean linen or employees who need clean  and pressed uniforms on a daily basis, the importance of laundry is quite clear.  This is the case for many businesses out there, especially in the hospitality field. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a reliable laundry pick up and delivery service that your company can rely on to get you the clean products you need, on time and within your budget.

How Do Restaurant Laundry Services Work? – The specifics may vary depending on your needs, but essentially laundry deliveries are made once or twice per week on a schedule.  For a high volume restaurants, deliveries can be made as frequently as daily.  The company then transports them to their central laundering location, where the products are sorted, washed / treated for stains, dried, pressed or folded, and prepared to be sent back to the customer again.  The importance of a great laundry service can’t be understated when dealing with serious restaurant stains.  Of course, handling these linens requires the assistance, care, and expertise of a trained professional as these soiled linens can be very toxic if not properly handled.  For this reason, employees who work at a Service Linen Supply employees are highly trained in handling these soiled linens and can do so without putting themselves or anyone else in danger.  This fact alone is enough to make hiring a restaurant laundry service an extremely important decision.

Service Linen Supply is the quality choice for restaurant laundry delivery services in the Pacific Northwest.  For small businesses with limited resources or a large company with large supplier demands, Service Linen delivers.  When you choose Service Linen, you and your employees will enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your laundry supplier will deliver.   We provide a full service linen and uniform analysis for all restaurants, and offer no obligation restaurant laundry price quotes.  We look forward to helping your business maintain the image you desire.  Call us today!