The Swan Laundry | Swan Linen Supply Service

Posted by Amy Donahue on Thu, Nov 24, 2016

If you live in Seattle, Portland or most other places across the Pacific Northwest, chances are you have seen a linen and laundry truck with a Swan on it.  This is the official brand of Service Linen Supply.  The logo is a relatively recent addition (roughly 20 years) to our company’s 60+ year history.  During this short time though, our shiny Swan has stuck, with many businesses in the community even referring to us as “The Swan Laundry”.  Our official name “Service Linen Supply”, has been a leading independent linen supply and rental service since we were known as The Renton Laundry back in 1946.

The Swan Linen and Laundry Service

“The Swan Laundry”

Whether you ask for Service Linen or Swan Laundry, we’ll answer for all of your company’s linen, towel and uniform needs.  So call us (whichever name you prefer) today!  Visit our service area page for the branch closest to you.